The unthinkable has happened and you find yourself facing bankruptcy.  You’ve never had to experience anything like this before, so you have no idea where to turn.  Find the right bankruptcy attorney in Billings, MT today.  You will need to find a qualified attorney that can help you through every step of the process.  Listed below are some reasons people find themselves in this situation:


  • You may need a bankruptcy attorney Billings MT if there is already a Garnishment of your Wages. This is a very uncomfortable position to find yourself in. How does one take care of their family in this situation. One would need the assistance of an attorney, Billings MT.
  • Perhaps a family member has suffered a very serious illness and the Medical Bills are unsurmountable. You can call a bankruptcy attorney Billings MT for advice on what steps to take next. Medical bills are one of the top reasons that people find themselves in financial trouble.
  • Often in cases of divorce there are bills that required both incomes and now one person is left with more than one income will cover. A bankruptcy attorney Billings MT can assist in this scenario. Of course, the cost of the divorce also is an expense.
  • Unexpected Emergency Expenses such as your car needing extensive repairs, or your basement flooded with water and your insurance doesn’t cover ground water.
  • Student Loans frequently show up in bankruptcy cases. There are many reasons for this.  An attorney Billings MT can give you advice on how to deal with this situation.
  • Utility Bills can be overwhelming. Especially in extreme weather conditions.
  • Perhaps you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage and can’t seem to get caught up. You have received a Foreclosure notice from the mortgage holder. An attorney Billings MT might be what you need.
  • Poor Budgeting leads to too much spending, which leads to deep financial trouble.
  • Credit card debt often overwhelms people. Sometimes the only option is to file bankruptcy with the help of an attorney Billings MT.,
  • Reduced Income can force someone into needing a bankruptcy attorney, Billings MT. Even a substantial savings account will eventually run out of money and if a better job isn’t available, the person has very few options.
  • Job Elimination sometimes comes with a severance package, but that doesn’t last forever. In order to keep medical coverage there is a payment to Cobra for a period of time. Often finding a new job is difficult and people often have to settle for positions that don’t offer the same salary package as the job that was eliminated.


These are just a few of the reasons that a bankruptcy attorney in Billings MT might be necessary.  Bankruptcy laws were enacted so that people and businesses in these and other situations can have a clean start.

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