Al Sheard, Jr. – Private Investigation provides a variety of investigative services in the domestic relations field.

Fidelity Concerns:

We understand the tremendous emotional strain caused by an unfaithful significant other. At ASJPI we recognize your need to know the truth. If you are concerned your loved-one is involved in a relationship and you are seeking peace of mind, we can satisfy your curiosity by confirming or dispelling your fears. We have extensive experience in handling domestic investigations, allowing us to obtain the results and evidence that are essential for your individual case.

Child Custody Investigations:

Are you concerned about your child’s safety and well-being when they are in the care of another person? At Al Sheard, Jr. – Private Investigation we can determine the quality of treatment and care your child is receiving while with another. Child custody investigations determine if the custodial individual is treating the child properly and is not exposing them to danger or inappropriate situations.

Pre-Marital Investigations:

If you are in a serious relationship and marriage is a prospect, than a Pre-Nuptial investigation is a must. In today’s world, people are acquiring much greater wealth then in the past. Your hard earned affluence becomes community property following the marriage. Don’t be duped by someone playing on your
emotions. Al Sheard, Jr. – Private Investigation will conduct an in-depth discreet background investigation of your future spouse, assuring that your impending plans will be to your benefit.