Business ServicesPre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment screening has become an intricate part of the hiring process across the nation. In an effort to provide a more productive and safe workplace, Al Sheard, Jr. – Private Investigation offers a thorough background screening service which is custom designed to fit the specific needs of your company. We identify potential problems and any risk factors before the hiring process is complete.

Conducting an in-depth background investigation is one way of uncovering detrimental behavior involving a potential employee. The human resource or security department can evaluate this conduct and determine if the applicant meets the hiring criteria. Implementing a background investigation program will further assist a corporation in providing a safe and proficient environment thus avoiding negligent hiring liability.

Litigation Support

The development of factual evidence is a key to successful litigation. In today’s litigation world the discovery process is often relied upon as the sole means to develop the facts. Traditional discovery can often be incomplete, non-responsive or intentionally misleading. The ability to develop sound, factual
evidence early in a litigation provides the user with a distinct advantage in managing and ultimately resolving the issue.

Al Sheard, Jr. – Private Investigation conducts sophisticated investigations utilizing proven methods to gain an understanding of the factual foundation of a case allowing the development of a successful strategy. The development of evidence that can make the difference in critical issues, gives our clients the ability to quickly and effectively resolve their litigation matters.

Internal Investigations

When internal issues arise within a business setting, Al Sheard, Jr. – Private Investigation can offer investigative help. The impartiality of an outsider, dealing with sensitive issues in a confidential way and the ability to obtain open feedback from those involved are reasons why our service makes sense. We
can assist you with issues posing risks to your business including:
allegations of employee behavior such as harassment and stalking, workplace violence issues, employee fraud and theft, and workplace practices involving potential criminal and civil liability to the organization. We are aware that such assignments require a great deal of sensitivity regarding corporate culture, operations and ultimately, liability.